Edwin Ushiro and People’s Printshop present to you a wonderful reproduction of “A Commemorative Reset Button” as a very limited edition print of 30. At 11″x14″ inches, this print will fit within a standard 11″x14″ inch frame. It is produced with archival pigments on Epson cold press art paper, limited to an edition of 30, signed, titled and numbered in gold ink and priced at $50 each.

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This print will never be reprinted again. So secure your copy.

Since cats are not native to Hawaii, there is almost no reference to them in their mythology. However it is mentioned in Japanese literature that once a cat reaches 10 years old, it would have the ability to speak. And although Rusty (1994-2009), never spoke English words, I absorbed a great deal from him. He often occurs in my artwork as a symbol of friendship.

Edwin Ushiro is an artist from Maui who is currently residing in Southern California. He captures the essence of Hawaii, youth, and nostalgia in a technique that’s uniquely his own. In his paintings, he recalls the sun-struck days of youth, when the world was fresh and magical, but also explores the eerie folklore indigenous to dark country roads and the boundless depths of the childhood imagination. While structuring his work around the narrative tradition of “talk story” native to the Hawaiian islands, he
interweaves the uncanny obake (ghost) tales of his Japanese heritage. Working in a unique mixed media technique which involves laboring in ink and acrylic over sheets of repurposed Plexiglas and Lucite printed with assemblages of his more traditional drawings and paintings, he creates reflections on the past that are luminous and nostalgic, like cherished memories burnished by the passage of time.

After earning a BFA with Honors in Illustration from Art Center College of Design, his artwork has been exhibited in venues worldwide, including Villa Bottini in Italy, the Museum of Kyoto, the Honolulu Museum of Art and the Japanese American National Museum. A monograph of his artwork, entitled Gathering Whispers, has been published by Zero+ Publishing.

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