Mr. Ushiro x Maxalot/Exposif
Max Akkerman, owner of Maxalot Gallery in Barcelona, Spain has kindly invited me to reproduce A & B as
wallpaper. These beauties are printed on synthetic paper and can now be enjoyed at any size on any wall.
1.25" Art Button by Edwin Ushiro
This new 1.25" art button features the image, "Realizing the Perfect Day was Just a Dream." If you want one,
all you have to do is say hi when you see me at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 28. Otherwise, It
can be purchased for $3.00 US by
contacting me here. They are limited to an edition of 50. Sold out!!!
New Prints by BlueFlip Art
2 new prints from my recent solo exhibition will be sold through Seattle based printing studio BlueFlip Art.
The first piece is entitled, "Riding Summer without Skipping a Beat" for $23.95. The second piece is entitled,
"When we Met" for $34.95. 10% of these sales will go towards
The Mini Lai Scholarship Fund which was
placed in memory of my friend, Mini Lai.
sold out. Thank you.
Exclusive Archival Prints by Nucleus Gallery
These 13"x15" Archival prints are laid on watercolor paper and limited to an edition of 50. You may purchase
these beauties by clicking
here or just visit Nucleus Gallery. They are located at: 30 West Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801 with store hours of Mon - Thurs 12pm to 9pm and Fri - Sun 11am to 10pm. Call Nucleus
at 626.458.7482 for more info.
sold out. Thank you.