Aloha. My name is Edwin Ushiro. Transplanted from Maui to California, I attended the Art Center College of Design and attained a BFA
in Illustration with Honors. Since then, I have been working in the amazing world of entertainment as a Production Designer, Visual
Consultant, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, and Concept Designer. My clients include the following:

William Morris Endeavor >
Storyboard Artist for a Poloroid commercial in collaboration with Writer, Emilia Serrano and
Creative Director, Lady Gaga.
Fox Television > Concept Designer for numerous science fiction related projects currently being developed. More to
be announced sometime in the near future.
Real D 3D > Storyboard Artist for animation sequence for Real D 3D theatrical announcement. Art Directed by Henry
Steingieser from award winning design firm, Backward Heroes.


NBC Universal
> Visual Effects Consultant/ Storyboard Artist for the prequel of Battlestar Galactica entitled, "CAPRICA."
Worked under the vision of Director, Jeff Reiner (
Friday Night Lights).
NBC Universal > Storyboard Artist for television series, "Life." Under the supreme direction of Director and friend, David
Straiton (House M.D.).
Ring of Fire > Concept Designer for interface designs on 2 Yellowbook commercials. In collaboration with Director,
Vadim Perelman (
House of Sand & Fog) with VFX Guru, Justin Beaupre.
East West Productions > Illustrator for the 5 time Tony Award Winning Broadway production of "PIPPIN." Responsible
for projection designs with Production Designer, Alan E. Muraoka.
MK Productions > Character and Costume Designer for Korean based production company to develop designs for an
upcoming science fiction film by Director, Kang Je Gyu (
Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War).


Luma Pictures
> Art Director on an ongoing project. Many film projects can either be in pre-production or
unannounced phases & thus cannot be listed until they become public. Thank you for your patience.
Ring of Fire > Concept Designer for a Valvoline commercial. Responsibilities included rough concepts drawings, final art
renderings, and key art positioning on plates. Art Directed by Gregory Anderson and Justin Beaupre.
Acme Filmworks > Concept Designer for a CVS commercial pitch. Directed by John Dilworthand Produced by Gwynn


Odd Lot Entertainment
> Storyboard Artist for "THE LIVING HELL," a feature film written & directed by Richard Jeffries.
Executive Producer is Steve Ecclesine.
New West > Storyboard Artist for animation sequences of Australian Musician, Ben Lee's music video, "WE'RE ALL IN THIS
TOGETHER." Directed by Nabil Elderkin.
Northwestern Mutual > Concept Designer/Set Design for NW Mutual commercial. Production Designer, Amy Ancona in
association with Independent Media.


> Storyboard Artist on Mitsubishi commercials. Art Directed by Zoic Studios Creative Director, Loni Peristere.
Insomniac Games > Cinematic Storyboard Artist/ Layout/ Cinematographer on "RATCHET: DEADLOCKED" & "RESISTANCE
FALL OF MAN." Responsible for translating writer’s idea into visual form, and finally layout/lighting of shots in MAYA.
Collaborated with Chief Creative Officer, Brian Hastings and Writer, Steve Schneir.
Dunhill Ltd. > Character Designer/ Set Designer/ Storyboard Artist for London based luxury company to design an
animated short for their products geared at a younger demographic. Art Directed by Dr. Romanelli and Nathan Cabrera.
Sony Pictures > Concept Designer for the 2010 feature film release of "I DREAM OF JEANNIE."


Sony Computer Entertainment
> Concept Designer/ Storyboard Artist on numerous video games for Sony Playstation.
Art Directed by Ron Padua. Highlighted projects include "SOCOM III" and "FIGHTING SPIRITS."
Fuji > Concept Designer/ Storyboard Artist for numerous commercials developed for Fuji Japan. Creative Director, Ron
Ishimoto. Also including projects with Creative Director, Ming Lai.
X1FX > Production Designer for a music video for Musician, Irregular. Directed by Mark M. Larranaga.
Platinum Dunes > Production Designer/ Concept Designer for a "UNTITLED MICHAEL BAY PROJECT." Collaborated with
Writer, Nick Daniels.
Disney Creative Development > Layout Artist for Disney Publishing on "THE INCREDIBLES." Art Directed by Scott Tilley
with Director of Creative Services, Brent Ford.


Warner Brothers Television
> Storyboard Artist for Directors, David Straiton and Bill Norton. Concept Designer for
Production Designer, Stuart Blatt on "ANGEL" season 4-5.
NBC Universal > Concept Designer/ Storyboard Artist for a themed attraction in Shanghai. Art Directed by Director of
Creative Resources, Dawn Rivera-Ernster.
Sony Computer Entertainment > Concept Designer/ Storyboard Artist for "SOCOM II: U.S. NAVY SEALS." Art Directed by
Ron Padua with Cinematic Project Manager, Nonet T.M. Vargas.
Fox Television > Storyboard Artist, Designer and Consultant to Director, Russell Mulcahy for "SKIN." Produced by
Dwayne Shattuck. Jerry Bruckheimer is the Executive Producer.
Paramount Pictures > Designer for a NBC Mini-Series drama called, "HOMELAND SECURITY." Production Designer, Ida
Random with Art Director, Dins W.W. Danielsen. Produced by Clayton Townsend.


Touchstone Television Productions
> Storyboard Artist for Directors Davis Guggenheim, Nick Gomez, John Coles and
Gary Winick on "PUSH NEVADA." Executive Produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damonand Jim Parriott.
CBS Studios > Concept Designer for "CSI: MIAMI with Production Designer, Carlos Barbosa and Executive Producer,
Jerry Bruckheimer.
NBC Universal > Art Department Coordinator/Designer for "BOOMTOWN," collaborated with Director, Jon Avnet,
Production Designer, Michael Z. Hanan and Art Director, Dins W. Danielsen. Produced by Phil Parslow.
ABC Studios > Concept Designer for the city design of a normal town and the hell world on "PORT CHARLES," a
"GENERAL HOSPITAL" spin-off with Production Designer, Chip Dox. Produced by Hope Harmel Smith.
20th Century Fox Film Corporation > Concept Designer for "CHASING POPI" under the guidance of Production
Designer, Ed T. McAvoy to create set designs and character development. Produced by Forest Whitaker.


Jim Henson Company
> Character Designer for "THE HALLOWEEN CAT" and Concept Designer for "HARRY AND LULU." All
projects were under the direction of Director of Design Services, Ed Eyth.
Sony Pictures > Art Director/ Concept Designer for a proposal to Sony Digital Entertainment under the vision of
Director of Content Development, Michael Edwin Bloom.
Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen > Fashion Designer/ Illustrator for the Fall clothing line. All designs under their company,
Dualstar Central Design with direction of Designer, Sam Ciardi.

* Additional non-film related clients include:
Gehry Partners, LLP, MacMillian, Sanrio and Linkin' Park.